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Welcome to Tacticon AB, the company that creates digital services. Our offer consists of the ability to create a combination of modern digital solutions and functioning services.

We have experience from a number of projects in large organizations where we have successfully developed software and services.

What is digitization and why do so many talk about it right now?
If we begin with the latter question as to why so many talk about digitization, it is partly because individual words suddenly become popular and that the people who want to appear insightful use the word. Digitization is a phenomenon that has come up in several different technical areas at the same time; Digital technology has penetrated many areas and is fundamentally changing them. The change may be about very many machines being connected to the Internet at the same time (Internet of Things) or that systems have become self-improving and "intelligent" (artificial intelligence).

Digital Services
Another clear current trend is that services are changing through digitization. For example, a real estate broker's business was previously largely in the office, now the customer contact has moved to the internet. A company like Uber has become the world's largest taxi company without owning taxis and Airbnb has become the largest hotel chain without owning hotels. All this has been made possible through the power of digitization where relationships have shifted and interaction with the customer and customer data has become the most important success factor.

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